Admiral On Deck

© 2001 by Joshua Howard & Bruce Biskup (v. 1.0 2/01)
Game Design: Bruce Biskup & Joshua Howard

Admiral On Deck (about 410 kb) is the first free expansion for Queen Victoria’s Navy; it is not a stand alone game, you must have Queen Victoria’s Navy to play Admiral On Deck. Admiral On Deck is the first of several planned free expansions for Queen Victoria’s Navy – demonstration of our commitment to increase the value of our games even after they have been released!

Admiral On Deck introduces several advanced rules to Queen Victoria’s Navy. Rules for crew and admiral quality, shore batteries, mines, and smaller ship classes such as torpedo boats are included. Admiral On Deck will allow players to play historical scenarios from the 1894–95 Sino–Japanese war and the 1904–1905 Russo–Japanese war.

These advanced rules are designed to be used in conjunction with the basic game and do not replace large portions of the rules in Queen Victoria’s Navy.

Admiral On Deck contains 6 more pages of advanced rules and 1 additional set of game charts. Scenarios are included for the opening engagement between the Chinese and Japanese cruisers that started the Sino–Japanese war of 1895, the Battle of the Yalu (Sept. 17, 1894 Sino–Japanese war), the Battle of the Yellow Sea (Aug. 10, 1904 Russo–Japanese war), and the Battle of Tushima (May 27–28, 1905 Russo–Japanese war). The appropriate ship and utility counters are also included, in both full color and non-colored versions (but players will have to mount the counters themselves).

Admiral On Deck is not a standalone game; players will need a copy of Queen Victoria’s Navy in order to play the game. However, Admiral On Deck is being freely distributed, so ownership of Queen Victoria’s Navy is not needed to download and view the file.

Also for use with Admiral On Deck are the other free expansions for Queen Victoria’s Navy, Ship List Pack #1: China/Japan/Russia and The Bombardment of Alexandria 1882.

Check out BoardGameGeek’s info on Admiral On Deck; if you like it, go ahead and say it on their forums!